A Letter from Ajee


My name is Ajee and I currently reside in Chicago. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia to transitioning to Chicago, Illinois; I was the kid that asked all the questions and was curious about any and everything (I still am, I love a good random fact). I always found myself in a heap of trouble and a never ending curiosity that followed me all the way to college. Majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism, Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies; I was turning my art of being nosy into a dream job.


Living in a metropolitan city gives me the chance to be inquisitive; it let's me explore the endless stories and hear the voices of the people we walk past everyday. Being featured in Hooligan Magazine, The DePaulia, and spotlighted on Aja Symone has jump started me in the world of blogging.


With Love, Ajee I will be exploring my interests on a multitude of topics crafted into cultural themed pieces, think pieces, and feature writings to name just a few. As I write in this world, come with me and let’s explore it together.


Love, Ajee

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Thank you for coming to my website. If you would like to connect please send me an email at ajee.gray@gmail.com or you can message me on any of my social media channels. Happy Reading!

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